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Animal Repellant Garbage Bags & Bed Bug Killer
 PowerShot Scented Trash Bags are perfectly suited for those who have issues keeping the following away from the garbage: dogs, cats, raccoons, mice, bats, seagulls, flies, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, wasps, bees and many other nuisance insects and animals.

• PowerShot Scented Trash Bags ~ Most flying and crawling insects such as cockroaches, ants, spiders,  earwigs, etc. “Simply Don’t Like Them.”

• PowerShot Scented Trash Bags ~Most Animals such as dogs, cats, raccoons, mice, bats, seagulls and crows “Simply Don’t Like Them.”

• This new, unique product line, is an innovative, exciting breakthrough development in Trash bags. The All-Natural Scent is a realistic solution for anyone wishing to enter the growing category of unique “Earth Friendly” plastic products.

• PowerShot Scented Trash Bags are effective in keeping most pesky insects and animals such as squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits,
OK we admit we don't want to sell any of this stuff.  One who has ever had bed bugs is sure to remember for the rest of his life.  Its not a pleasant experience  but if you have them or are looking to prevent them  this is the answer.  Powerful and deadly  Available Retail and Wholesale. Contact us for Pricing 
These bags are excellent for 

  • Conservation Area
  • City and country parks​
  • Golf Courses
  • A camping trip
  • Residential Garbage pick up
  • Town and city garbages
  • Beaches
  • And Many Many More 
Other Facts

  • Our bags are one part of the visual spectrum that animals and insects cannot see well. They are not attracted to the red color and “Most Animals and Insects Simply Don’t Like PowerShot’s Unique Scent. 
  • Bags are made with scents that are all natural and Earth Friendly
  • Bags are Non Toxic unique pleasant scent and safe 
  • They help prevent a pest free environment as they simply don't like them

Available Wholesale or Retail