The Red Wolf Company

Our (Wet Look) Interlocking Brick Sealer is specifically designed to not only seal and protect against staining and dulling but to add slip resistant properties to the treated surface

The Red Wolf Company's Interlocking Brick Sealer is a single component, solvent based sealer It is the top of the line choice for interlocking brick.

Check out our before and after pictures. This is ideal for restaurant patios, commercial and residential sidewalks and driveways making it easier to clean as well as protecting the surface.
Interlocking, Stamped, Exposed Aggregate and Concrete Sealing

Our Interlocking Brick Sealer is virtually water and chemical resistant against chloride salts, inorganic and organic acids; motor oil, gasoline, brake and transmission fluids; it is extremely durable and lasts for years.
Available Wholesale, Retail or Installed