The Red Wolf Company

​The Red Wolf Company has seen the need for top of the line products.  Vets Choice Pet Food is no different. We offer the top of the line dog food now delivered to your door in most areas in southwestern Ontario.  While many retailers around the area thrive on it we offer home delivery and discounts to breeders and other large orders,  while everybody else enjoys low prices compared to local retailers.  Our best form of advertising is word of mouth,  so we offer free food for customer referrals. Our next best form of advertising is samples.  You may see us at pet shows dog parks ect. handing out samples.  Our dogs LOVE our food and so do their owners.  Its time you made the switch.  Manufacture Website can be found here
The Red Wolf Company sells and delivers Vets Choice Pet Food
The current line of Health Extension foods have evolved into a
Holistic array of foods that contain many nutritional benefits:
Stronger immune system · Cleansing colon · Stronger bones · Hearing and eyesight · Healthy liver and kidney
Reduced stool volume · Higher digestive functions · Increased energy and longevity

What Goes In

  • Highly Digestible, Beneficial, Human-Grade Ingredients
  • Quality Protein Sources for Strong Muscles
  • Wholesome Grains for Healthy Fiber and Energy
  • Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids for Skin and Coat Health
  • Pre and Probiotics for Digestive Health
  • Glucosamine for Joint Health
What Stays Out

  • Inferior Quality, Nutritionless or Potentially Allergenic Ingredients
  • No By-Products, Gluten, Corn, Soy or Wheat
  • No Rendered Animal Fats
  • No BHT
  • No Added Sugar
  • No Artificial Flavors, Colors, Dyes or Preservatives

 4 lb     $15.00
10 lb    $28.00
18 lb    $36.00
30 lb    $60.00
40 lb    $70.00
   Little Bites
  4 lb   $16.00
10 lb   $30.00
18 lb   $40.00
35 lb   $70.00

Lamb & Brown Rice
  4  lb    $16.00
 15 lb    $38.00
 35 lb    $70.00

 4  lb  $18.00
15 lb  $35.00
    Grain Free
    4  lb   $20
   10 lb   $35.00
23.5 lb   $68.00
10 lb   $30.00
18 lb   $38.00
40 lb   $70.00
Canned Dog and Cat Food  $32/case
Turkey and Chicken for Cats 5.5 oz (24 cans)
Seafood for Cats 5.5 oz  (24 cans)
​Meaty Mix Chicken for Dogs 5.5 oz (24 cans)
Meaty Mix Chicken for Dogs 13.2 oz (12 cans)
Meaty Mix Beef for Dogs 5.5 oz  (24 cans)
Meaty Mix Beef for Dogs 13.2 oz (12 cans)
Meaty Mix Lamb for Dogs 5.5 oz (24 cans)
Meaty Mix Lamb for Dogs 13.2 oz (12 cans)
Meaty Mix Duck for Dogs 13.2 oz (12 cans)
Meaty Mix Turkey for Dogs 13.2 oz (12 cans)

Other useful Information
  • Please allow up to 1 week for delivery
  • ​Breeders and retailers are eligible for special pricing
  • Minimum Order for  free delivery is $50
  • Orders over $250 receive 15% off 
  • Delivery not available in all areas
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed  or money back
  • Free samples to give to friends and neighbors available (just ask)
  • Free 4 lb bag to any current customer who refers another
  • Free puppy packs available to breeders with puppies
  • Food must be paid for in advance before delivery
  • Loyalty program  Buy 10 Get one Free
  • Visa/MasterCard PayPal or Email transfer